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Online Shopping Trends

Indian Gems & Jewellery Market Advancing On International Platform

Gems and jewellery industry in India is rising like the morning sun in the sky, with the most glistening shine by being the greatest manufacturing center for gems and jewellery where the domestic market was guessed to be approximately USD16.1 billion in financial year 2009. Not only this, in the year 2010 India outshined as…

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Investing In Gold: Investment In Gold, Diamond & Silver Is Most Profitable Investment

A smart investment is one which fulfils both: today’s needs and future goals. For a safe and secured future everyone thinks of investment and in today’s modern world there are many ways where the money can be invested. Investment in any field should be done keeping in view 3 things: Liquidity, safety and return. Investment…

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E-Commerce Business Assumed To Be Most Proficient Business of World

E-commerce is the most used technique of buying and selling goods and services online. With the hectic and busy schedule that everyone is going through it becomes very difficult for the consumer to spend time in malls in order to select his or her desired product. At such a situation the e-commerce or widely known…

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Online Shopping: Online Shopping is New Era of Modern India & Common Mode For Online Shopping

Venugopal, a citizen from a small town called Anaparti was able to buy a new Samsung mobile phone and he owes it to the Turning Point on the Rediff shopping platform. Like Venugopal there are many others who are experiencing a wonderful shopping through the orders made on line. With the boom in economy there…

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