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Why 18 Carat Gold Rings are Better For Engagement?

No matter even if gold is glittering high with its skyrocketing prices but still it’s the first and most preferred choice when it comes to Indian wedding season. Gold has been classic and timeless option which always keeps alluring jewellery lovers. But accept it or not, rising prices of gold has made buyers to think…

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Indian Jewelry Shoppers: From Retail Stores To Online Websites

Jewellery in India and among Indian women has been a point of pride as well as necessity. To keep up with the evolving generations, even Jewellery market has evolved. Long back there used to be small shops selling jewellery. Then there came the Mughals and other empires that developed the art of Jewellery making in…

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NRI Season: Jewellery Sales Expected To Increase By 30-40% In India

A sign of relief for Indian Jewellery enthusiasts, gold is still glittering. First the Spanish effect on Global Gold and then the NRI ray of hope. Gold steadied on Monday as investors still wary after last week’s price drop sold the metal above $1,600 an ounce, erasing gains it made on the back of a…

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E-Commerce (Online Shopping) Market In India To Hit US$ 10 Billion In 2012

After the social media revolution, is e-commerce the next big follow up in India? Recent trends and figures give an affirmative nod. Australian’s total online spend would reach $10 billion with a 9.1 percent growth in online spending. Is India ready to take advantage of the e-commerce boom? Four reasons that e-commerce is set to…

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Indian Wedding Season 2012: Gold Jewellery On All Time High Price

Remember the song, “sona sona baba sona sona baba sona sona sona” from Biwi No. 1? Since the last couple of days, everyone is humming Sona song for all the Biwis and brides this wedding season. This is due to the sudden spurt in gold price. Even though, the global scenario is way off peak,…

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Gold Rate In 2012 – Gold Rate Prediction in 2012 in India

Last year, the Gold Prices were quite volatile. The precious metal underwent some record breaking patterns in 2011. The London fixed price of gold hit $1,895 twice in early September. Spot gold prices for immediate settlement, also known as gold futures to some, briefly cruised to $1,916 per ounce around the same time. Year-to-date, the…

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Akshaya Tritiya 2012 in Hindu Mythology & Modern Gold Investment Options

Every newspaper today, every social media and blogging site, gold advertisements on Television will highlight how important today is for most of the Indians. Every good deed is planned for today for months such as buying gold, houses, vehicles and other important investments so that it is fruitful. Yes, today is Akshay Tritiya, the most…

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