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Add Colors To Your Personality With Enamel Jewellery By Enamelour!

There is a large variety and number of forms seen in Indian jewellery and Enamel jewellery is one of the most outstanding in the ranges among them. There are historical evidences that one of the Indian rulers of earlier times, Akbar was one of the leading agents in promotion and use of Enamel jewellery. The beautiful color and unique appeal of the jewels accentuated with enamel are a latest trend in the present times where prices of all the other ...


Silver Gold & Diamond Bridal Jewellery Outshining In Indian Market As Perfect Gift For All

Wedding is a special occasion for every person and in a country like India it is considered very auspicious as it is the unification of two individuals. Here people start preparing for a marriage a month before to make everything perfect and flawless. Jewellery plays a very vital role in Indian weddings, if you notice an Indian bride that she is embellished with jewelry that enchants her apparel and gives a shimmering touch to her persona. Bridal jewellery thus marks ...


Online Jewellery Auction Gives New Ease To Buying & Selling of Jewelry

Online jewellery auction provides a better chance of profit to the jewellery sellers as the cost of selling jewellery online is quite less and hence opens a way of huge profit to them. Before we deal into the details of online jewellery auction first we must have an idea about the profitability of the same. Going further with this article you will get to know each and every aspect of online jewellery auction. The most important benefit of online jewellery ...

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