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GJEPC insists Indian Government to cut down the import duty on gold!

Just the other day the reports came out that Indian government has cut down the rate of gold hallmarking. And now taking a step forward the Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has insisted the govt. to trim down import duty on gold from the prevailing 10 per cent to two per cent. The…

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Indian Government cut license fee for gold hallmarking by up to 87.5 per cent!

The prices of gold have seen constant decline off late and global reasons were blamed for the same. However, it seems the Indian government has taken it on them to improvise the situation. To start with, in order to boost the sale of pure gold, government went on to cut license fee for gold hallmarking…

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Exhibition in Moscow to commemorate the history of India jewels!

Jewelry exhibitions give a chance to jewelry lovers to come across the best designs and precious metals. In fact, it is the best way to spend money on right things, and also on jewelry pieces which have great value. Keep this pleasure in mind, an exhibition entitled – India: Jewels that Enchanted the World, is…

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India’s gold imports highly expected to see a high in 2014!

In all possibility, India’s gold imports are expected to bounce back in 2014. A decline was noticed last year; and this year well, the demand remains unyielding, despite an official clear out. The claim has been made by World Gold Council managing director (India) Somasundaram PR. It is anticipated that gold demand will continue to…

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Signature 2014 concludes today; it was inaugurated on February 21!

The seventh edition of Signature was publicly opened by the Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) in Mumbai on February 21, 2014. The inauguration took place at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (NSE Complex), Mumbai. Today is Signature’s concluding day. It is spread over 30,000 square meters with 1100 Booths and has seen…

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The Most Common Uses For Sapphires

The birthstone for September is the second hardest natural substance on the earth after the diamond. The stunning stone is corundum and categorized into two distinct classes namely – sapphire and ruby. While red corundum is considered as ruby, stones featuring other colors except red are defined sapphire. Described in ancient religious scriptures, sapphire stands…

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Why You Should Not Buy New Gold iPhone 5S

If the rumours and roaming news headlines are to be believed, Apple is going to add gold to the colour options for the upcoming iPhone 5S. Though, it’s not confirmed by the company officials but there are evidences (obviously unofficial) to support the claim. Apple has been recognized for its black and white image. Since…

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India Founds New Love in Diamond Investment

Diamonds never leave you… men do! The ages old quotation has been changed in modern perspective. Of course, there are reasons behind the scene, but uncertainty of the future is the biggest factor to change the Indian traditions. Indians are known to love gold more than anything, however they are in search of new alternate…

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8 Most Famous Sapphires In The World

The blue splendid stone is not an attention magnet when it comes to Indian people. Sapphire is a piece of controversial debate due to few myths and astrological predictions. It is said that sapphire does not suit everyone however when it suits someone, it makes him a millionaire in a very short span of time….

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