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Jewelry Insurance: Have you got your jewelry protected?

Jewelry is most adored by us due to both monetary and emotional reasons attached to it. Whether it is ancestral gold set or the rock gifted to you on your engagement or marriage, or even the gold coins you bought on the auspicious occasions like Dhanteras, the jewelry is most adored as the hard-earned money…

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Decline in import tariff rate on gold and silver; rise registered in gold prices in India!

This sure makes a good piece of news for the jewelry lovers, as now they can get the gold and silver jewelry imported hassle-freely at less tariff changes. The India government surprised many when it announced cutting the import tariff value on gold and silver, considering the instability in the worldwide prices. In easy way,…

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India Founds New Love in Diamond Investment

Diamonds never leave you… men do! The ages old quotation has been changed in modern perspective. Of course, there are reasons behind the scene, but uncertainty of the future is the biggest factor to change the Indian traditions. Indians are known to love gold more than anything, however they are in search of new alternate…

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10 Most Expensive Jewelleries in the World

You have heard stories of expensive jewelleries, gemstones and their significant importance. But did you know some jewelleries and diamonds are evaluated on the basis of their design, connections to some celebrity and so on. There are couples of factor that decides the value of jewellery particular. So here is a list of 10 most…

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RBI Imposes New Restrictions On Gold Loan: Will It Serve Purpose?

There is a bad news for individuals looking for higher amount of gold loan. If you are one of them, it’s time to reconsider your application for the same, especially if the expected loan amount is more than Rs. 5 lakh. In a bid to discourage demand for gold, the Reserve Bank of India announced…

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8 Factors You Should Know Before Investing In Diamonds

Why you should not invest in diamonds? This is a common question replied by the financial advisors. As the answer needs basic understanding of the gemstone and jewellery market as well as the expertise of financial issues, individuals are suggested to invest in gold jewellery instead buying diamonds and other jewels. Buying diamonds as an…

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