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Best Value Deals Shopping With Great Discounts Offered By Johareez.Com

In today’s life internet has acted as a magician. No crowded market, not to yell with shopkeepers for product bargain or quality, not to wander from one shop to another for long list of products, no need of burning oil and waste your time…. Welcome to the magic of internet world. Online shopping has made…

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Tashan Launched Colored Enamel Silver Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery For Woman

Enamel jewellery is a very old process that is now coming back and tremendously popular among people. It’s an ancient craft and was popular in a very strong way in ancient times used by Egyptians for decorating the articles. Later became a status symbol for Greek empire to embellish beauty by creating enamel jewellery pieces…

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Importance of Birthstone & How To Shop Birthstone Jewellery Online

We all know that since past, birthstones have been carrying a primary importance in an individual’s life whether personal or professional. Words appear to be very less when we talk about the beauty of the birthstones and their influence. Though we all know but let’s understand a little more about what a birthstone is? Birthstones…

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92.5 Sterling Silver, Gold & Diamond Gems & Jewellery Exports Shine After Recession In India

Indian diamond processing industry has got a new life with the global economic recovery that has seen a sharp rise of 20 per cent in the export orders for Christmas and New Year. Generally the August marks the beginning of export orders which continues till October end and finished jewellery products are delivered within 45…

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Online Jewellery Auction Gives New Ease To Buying & Selling of Jewelry

Online jewellery auction provides a better chance of profit to the jewellery sellers as the cost of selling jewellery online is quite less and hence opens a way of huge profit to them. Before we deal into the details of online jewellery auction first we must have an idea about the profitability of the same….

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