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Best Time To Buy Silver Jewellery & Invest In Silver On Diwali Festive Season 2011

As it is always said that what goes up has to come down and this has came out to be true with Silver prices. Prices for silver have crashed in the international markets on Friday on tentative unwinding and in response with this declining trend, prices of the metal also declined in the Indian marketplace….

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Akshaya Tritiya 2011: Best Muhurt to Buy Gold & Silver on Akshaya Tritiya For Investment

Though there is no particular time for buying any of our jewelry products, however, if we look at it as per the Indian perspective then the Hindus out here certainly consider ‘Mahurats’ prior to all the auspicious events. Even the buying of jewelry has loads of impact of stars and their changing moves. It is…

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Rakshabandhan Rakhis For Brothers, Gifts & Jewellery For Sisters on Johareez.Com

With the dawn of festive season all around, everyone is busy shopping for these special and graceful occasions. To top the list of festivals Rakhi is the first one to mark the beginning of the huge list. Rakhi or Rakshbadhan is the festival to show and express the immaculate love of brother sister bond. It’s…

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Akshaya Tritya 2010: Akshaya Tritya in 2010 is Best Day To Invest in Gold on 16 May

Akshay Tritiya’- A highly promising & auspicious day in the Vaishakha month of Hindu calendar which falls on the third day after Amavasya, holds a great place in Hindu mythology. It is also known as ‘Akha Teej’, which will be celebrated on 16th May 2010. There is a belief regarding this day that the Sun…

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