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11 Interesting & Unknown Facts About Diamonds

A diamond is forever. No girl can resist its sparkling attraction. Obviously every diamond is a treasure, it serves more purposes also. A diamond glamorizes your beauty, it highlights your social status, it displays your wealth as well as the most magnificent jewel has industrial uses too but not limited to these only. Let’s have…

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Life Cycle of a Diamond

While Henry Kissinger was asked to define a diamond, he said, “A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.” Surprisingly diamond is an isotope of coal in which carbon atoms are arranged in a 3-D symmetrical order; which gives it extraordinary qualities like ultimate optical reflection, toughest hardness, and transparency…

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6 Smart Tips On How To Identify A Stone Is Natural Or Synthetic

Glittering stones and jewellery are parts of human life. Both are used to adornment and beautification however they have other uses too. While jewellery is an investment, gemstones are utilized in industrial uses as well as spiritual healing techniques. This creates a higher volume of demand even it lacks natural stone’s supply resulting in producing…

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5 Gemstone Treatments That Are Used To Improve Jewel’s Appearance

Stunning bright flawless gemstones can make you wish to posses them but do you know these twinkling gemstones are artificially enhanced in labs. Despite it’s a fact and more than 95% gemstones are given artificial treatment to improve their look, only few people know secrets of how these gemstones are made more beautiful than they…

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Differences in a gemstone’s luster, brilliance and fire

Brilliance, luster and fire… these 3 words are used extensively in gemstone industry. Often these words confuse gemstone newbie eventually consumers feel cheated if they fail to understand these terms before buying a stone. This article will enlighten such peoples describing brilliance, luster and fire in details so that when you go to buy precious…

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Differences between zircon and cubic zirconia gemstones

Zircon the oldest gemstone is the brightest gemstones in the world only second to diamond. Its popular name Zircon resembles with man-made crystal Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ) confusing stone buyers. Both are good diamond simulate (or imitated) stones and are used to substitute diamonds. Only few know that both stones are two distinct…

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Differences between natural and synthetic (lab created) gemstones

While you go to buy precious jewels, do you ask the seller, if it is a natural (or genuine) gemstone, synthetic gemstone, lab created gemstone or simulated (aka imitation) stones? If not, you must ask as the market is filled with synthetic, lab created and imitated gemstones to comply market’s demand for flawless genuine gemstones.

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