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Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas – Choose The Right Gift For Your Loved One From

Wishing Happy Birthday is such an easy task to do but when it comes to gifting something then our mind gets blocked. And if the person is special then thinking becomes more difficult. Birthdays are always special, it is a day to feel good and celebrations are but obvious. The market is fully flooded with…

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Pearl – Birthstone of June, Treasure Graceful Beauty of Mystical Pearl

“Pearls are always appropriate.” Pearls are one of the most beautiful gemstones which tend to attract the eye and are very soothing. A pearl is made up of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, which has been deposited in concentric layers. Pearl is the gemstone of moon which is the presiding divinity of the element…

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5 Gemstone Treatments That Are Used To Improve Jewel’s Appearance

Stunning bright flawless gemstones can make you wish to posses them but do you know these twinkling gemstones are artificially enhanced in labs. Despite it’s a fact and more than 95% gemstones are given artificial treatment to improve their look, only few people know secrets of how these gemstones are made more beautiful than they…

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Amethyst Birthstone: February Birthstone with Sacred Blessing Powers

The purple seductive amethyst is sure to create fancy stories surrounding the sacred stone which is why we read countless mythical tales on the amethyst in ancient civilizations. In Greek Roman civilization amethyst was regarded highly because it was believed to protect against drunkenness and insanity even their wine vessels were made of amethyst gemstones…

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Cubic Zirconia: How is it created? & other facts

Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ) is regarded as best replacement of natural diamonds due to its extraordinary qualities. Although it does not resemble with natural diamond in any aspect, its sparkling shining is good eye-catcher to bind you in mesmerism. Do you know what is a cubic zircon? Or how is it made? Or…

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How to include a pearl ring in your fashion?

While we hear terms “jewellery” and “gemstones”, a picture of glamorous, sparkling, bright gemstones and jewellery comes into the mind. While the word jewellery is linked up with glamour, a pearl is the only gemstone which reflects soberness, sincerity and calmness giving spiritual peace. Obviously this is the reason, pearl is the first choice for…

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Few Interesting Facts on Rhodium Plating

Only few people know that jewellery crafted using white gold comes with rhodium plating to make it extra shiny and white. However not many people are aware about white gold’s reality. Interestingly white gold consists yellow tint or a mix of gold and a white metal normally silver, nickel or palladium to give extra white…

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Different Types of Diamond Settings

Ring setting is a way to craft a stone or diamond with metal. There are many kinds of stone settings and are used extensively into jewellery designing sector. Each setting produces a different appearance and can be combined with other settings to make eye-catching appearance. Here is a list of some popular types of ring…

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