Can Gemstones Really Change Your Life? See Answer

The human race has always been at the phase of intrigue and this bug has smitten the humankind and has fostered it to grow constantly and abruptly. Human beings are always on their toes when it comes to forecasting. The future has always fascinated the human race and there are lots of research and debacle done on the same by both traditional gurus and even scientists. It is said that a man’s destiny is made by his karma (his own deeds and doings pays him back) but to some extent luck also plays a part. Again luck fetches lots of speculation, guesswork, research and studies but no one has ever come to the conclusion what it is.

What is Luck?

Luck has been defined differently by religion and science. Here if we talk of logics and science, then luck is defined as favourable aura, which sends positive rays towards the concerned person’s life. Astrology which is study of movements and positions of celestial bodies (planets and stars) and their imposed effect on the daily lives of human beings, says that human life is constituent of five elements of nature which are water, fire, air, sky and earth. Any imbalance in any of these five causes mishaps as these all elements are somehow related to the planetary bodies lingering in the space. This is why when there is an effect of eclipses and solar eclipse on earth and it is advised not to consume food during that time.

So to sum it up, luck is just little energy which can actually impose fortune after the hard work done by someone. Sometimes these energies which enforce the positivity and positive aura into someone’s life through the favourable planetary conditions and positions

The relation of gems with luck:

Jewellery and gemstones are precious not just because of their monetary values and the social status one can flaunt of through wearing them but also due to their astrological virtues and properties. As astrology states that the upheavals of every human life can be attributed to the planetary positions of celestial bodies and few gemstones are capable enough to affect & mend these planetary positions with the right amount and weight of the gemstones worn by the sufferer.

A gemstone can be used to cure the planetary positions in two ways:

  1. To boost up the positive vibes of any planets for the fortunes.
  2. To reduce the bad or negative effects of planets.

Navratna Mystery:

Navratna are the 9 sacred gems of the world which are the most effective ones to affect the human life and planetary positions. These are nine in number as each of them represents the 9 plants of the space and is affected by their ruling planet. Navratna has been the trend setter in the world of jewellery with its magic of 9 jewels. Navratna in Sanskrit means nine gems. These navratna are called 9 gems in Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Burmese, Indonesian, and Nepalese, Navarathinam in Tamil, Navarathnalu in Telugu, Navarathnam in Malayalam, Navaratne in Singhalese, Nopparat in Rajasaap (Royal Thai), and Nopparatana in standard Thai. All these nine gems are considered pure and sacred with intact respect across the globe.

These 9 gems are as follows:

  1. Ruby which symbolized Sun.
  2. Pearl which symbolizes the moon.
  3. Red Coral for Mangal (mars).
  4. Emerald for Buddha (mercury).
  5. Yellow Sapphire for Brahaspati (Jupiter).
  6. Diamond for Shukra (Venus).
  7. Blue Sapphire for Shani (Saturn).
  8. Hessonite for Rahu (The ascending node of moon).
  9. Cat’s Eye for Ketu (descending mode of moon).

The science behind gemstones

The effect of gemstones is not the magic wand swirled but it has a science and logic behind. Here are some facts about the science of gemstones:

  1. A colour which emits in the form of light is the source of electro-magnetic spectrum
  2. Each colour has a definite wavelength, frequency and impact force.
  3. The waves which are emitted out of the light affect health, happiness, comfort, lifestyle and other ongoings in human life.
  4. Evolving from the Earth which is one of the elements of human existence, these gemstones have planetary connect with their ruling planet.
  5. The electro-magnetic waves emitted from gemstones can neutralize the harmful effect or negative aura of planets and thus can be useful in mending the messed up matters.
  6. Gemstones emit special lights and that light is actually a colour which enters into the veins of the wearer and rectifies the cosmic rays and spread positivity.
  7. These gemstones’ surface works as the prism or the reflector which catches the positive rays of their ruling planets.
  8. Each gem is connected to the planets of the universe and derives energies from each and especially their ruling planet and thus helps in repairing the messed up effects of the celestial bodies.

Different gemstones and their effect:

Name of the Gemstone

Effect of Gemstone

Ruby Name, fame, success in family and business.
Pearl Vitality, intelligence and balanced view in life. Pearl with yellow lustre brings wealth and the red luster gives intelligence.
Red Coral Strengthens memory, calms down emotions and anger and increases peace of mind.
Emerald Increases memory, communication skills, intuition thus best for students.
Yellow Sapphire Wealth, health, name, fame and success and solves marriage problems.
Diamond Joyous and luxurious life and the wearer would discover his/her hidden strength.
Blue Sapphire Frees one from all evil stuff, spirits and black magic
Hessonite Helpful in stomach and digestive ailments and fulfils every ambition and desire of wearer.
Cat’s Eye Protects from all types of evil eyes and provides miraculous success in every aspect of life.

Harm of wearing wrong stone:

Gemstones undoubtedly have immense power in them but it should not be taken as a magical power for miracles as these stones just assist mending the planetary situations and their evil effects. It may be used to just polish already well positioned planetary conditions. But all this can happen albeit the stone is of right cut, type, size, weight and quality. Anything among these if

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left neglected or taken for granted can cause equal fatal to life. No wonder, if stones can change your life and make it more colourful but if worn in wrong ways, types and weights can impact opposite of what desired. Before picking any stone, one should consult the astrological expert and then wear it on the prescribed time, day and the Vedic ritual. Stone lacking lustre or having cracks or cut on it is not appropriate and brings bad luck, so all these aspects should be kept in mind before picking up any stone.

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