Black Onyx – The Mystical Gemstone!

Nobody can deny spell binding magic of fabulous black onyx gemstone displaying striking parallel bands of black and white. The stone is admired for its spiritual and healing properties which enable the wearer to connect with higher consciousness.

Black Onyx – The Basics



Black onyx stone belongs to chalcedony mineral thus it contains all properties shown by chalcedony gems with minor differences in atomic structure. The stone’s parallel strips of black and white color make it unique and awesomely gorgeous. The stone is mined in mainly United States, Brazil and Uruguay.

Physical Properties of Black Onyx



Black onyx belongs to mineral groups that are readily available and can be used without processing like beads. The semi-precious stone black onyx is a variety of chalcedony minerals (with corresponding chemical formula of silicon dioxide or SiO2) and comes in several colors despite it’s better known for its beautiful blending of black and white color bands. The stone contains trigonal, monoclinic crystal lattice with hardness of 7 on Mohs scale and specific gravity of 2.65-2.66.

History of Black Onyx



First documented clue of black onyx come from ancient Greek Roman civilization. According to Greek stories black onyx is divine fingernail of Goddess Venus cut off with an arrowhead by Eros/Cupid. Initially all colors of chalcedony were labeled Onyx subsequently the term onyx was narrowed to refer only black and dark brown colored stones separating them than other chalcedony varieties.

In ancient Greek civilization, black onyx was used to create cabochon or wearing into beads. It was also used for intaglio and hard stone cameo engraved gems using its black background beautifully. Ancient Egyptians used to utilize this stone to make bowls and pottery items. Onyx is also mentioned in Bible particularly in Genesis 2:12 (which reads, “and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone”).

Synthetic Black Onyx



Most black onyx in market is artificially colored chalcedony or other stones. These stones are given various stone treatments to produce black and white color of black onyx gemstone. Besides these, carbonate materials and colored marbles slabs are also used to imitate black onyx in gemstone market. These materials are applied dye treatment, heat treatment and treatment with nitric acid to lighten or alter undesirable colors in stone.

Zodiac Sign & Healing Properties



Traditionally onyx is not linked up with any month or zodiac sign but new age healers define it as December birthstone and astrological stone of Capricorn and Leo zodiac sign. Black onyx consists magical properties and is known to improve lessen sexual desires, happiness and the wearer’s intuitions. The stone is to be believed to strengthen illness of blood circulation system

such as heart, kidneys, blood nerves as well as hair, eyes and nails. It helps to relieve depression and neurological disorders.

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