Simple ways to look at your best even while travelling!

Looking good makes you feel good is something you must have heard of several times before as well. However, you must learn the hard fact that being fashionable is not always synonymous to comfort. You need to take those risks when it comes to the choice of your ensemble. For a fashionista it is must to look good on every occasion and not only when she is partying, going for an outing with friends. In fact, she would be at her best even while travelling.

Hence, it is better for you to ditch those comfortable travelling clothes and rather try out something chic and edgy. Even when you’re picking up a sober tee and jeans look, make it look effortlessly stylish by adding on mesmerizing piece of jewelry, which would make you look stunning in no time. However, to be at your classy best, make sure that you are done with your packing much in advance and have also taken care of the other household chores like locking up the house, calling off the newspapers and sorting the bills. This way you would be able to take some time out of your busy schedule to spend on your appearance.

Post that it’s time to go with the beauty tips, like proper moisturizing, which is must while travelling, for skin hydration. Speaking of makeup, red lip color and a dab of color on the cheeks would do wonders to your appearance. Keep the clothing simple yet stylish, by preferring for jeans-tee look or casual dress. And finally it’s time for jewelry to enter the scene. Here are the few jewellery trends best to be carried while travelling.

Statement Jewellery



As you are keeping the rest of your look simple, hence there is no harm in playing with statement jewelry pieces like earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. However, make sure that you wear only one each time and never end up wearing all your statement jewelry pieces together.

Layered Necklaces & Bangles



Set an upbeat style statement by layering up your jewelry, which is an effortless way of dolling up, and will instantly elevate your look. You can get the look by wearing your neckpieces in different sizes and designs together. Same goes with bangles.

Hoop Earrings



This is again a best jewelry piece (hoop earrings) to wear while travelling to get the glamorous look in no time.

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