Benefits of silver & silver jewellery!

With the skyrocketing process of gold and sinking value of rupees against dollar, the position and abilities of gold buyers is getting deteriorated and definitely gold is not glittering anymore and many other options and substitute of this yellow metal are replacing it. Keeping the outstanding boost in gold rates, investors for once might have given it a thought to investing in the glory of glittering gold but there are many challenges which buyers needs to face. Thus this yellow metal’s dark yet chic cousin is among the first few preferences when it comes to substituting gold and gold jewellery.

When the objective of buying gold and gold jewellery is kept in mind then two major objectives of doing so hit instantly. Whereas the first one if beautification and adorning one’s apparels and second option comes with investment and asset objective. Gold’s dark cousin silver is on high rise these days and buying silver is not only pocket-friendly but it has many other benefits. Let’s eye all the benefits of this dark yet chic metal.

Safe & Durable Investment:-



Many royal families and empires pass on their silver jewellery to generations and the tradition goes on and on. Though silver sometimes get darker and fade but it can easily be brought back by some simple tips. So silver is always durable and like gold there is not risk of losing it while remaking. Another benefit of buying silver and silver jewellery is always a best investment because it has always had the balanced and constant rise in its price.

Silver is healthy too:-

This might astonish you to the heights but its true and undeniable fact that silver is not just healthy but also hypo allergic. Many other artificial and even real and pure metals sometime play havoc on skin and trigger itching but silver is always soothing and never causes any side effect. Silver & its particles are also used as medicine and in treatment remedies in some Eastern countries. Hippocrates was the first to explore and discover that silver has germicidal effects and can also be used successfully to kill germs and bacteria. To cross check the fact there were some scientific studies and surveys were conducted and it was found that women wearing silver in any form of jewellery had less pain and stress compared to those who did not do that. When the reason was researched, then scientists came to the conclusion that silver is the only healing metal which dissolves into skin and also treats and heal general pain and stress. This is the reason why silver is used in some ayurvedic medicines like chayawanprash etc.




Silver is the only metal which has maintain stability in its price hike graph and this is the most important reason for those buyers who buy jewellery with dual purpose of investment and beautification in mind. Silver can also be bought online and also silver can be bought in abundance whereas gold is no more pocket-friendly.




the biggest benefit of buying silver and silver jewellery is that its ductile and malleable as it can be molded into any shape without breaking it into parts like gold has to be done. Besides this fact, silver which has become doting darling for investors can be used for both sexes. Many designs in silver can be used for both sexes as some designs are so elegant and common and can be worn by both sexes.




Silver jewellery has always been eye-catching and enticing as there are more intricate designs in silver jewellery when compared to gold or any other metal. Silver is considered the royal metal with its dark silvery charm and besides being the just the epic apple this distantly dark cousin of gold is also the favorite of latest jewellery designers who simply dote on it due to its unmatchable quality of getting matched with any formal or informal attire.

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