Behavioral Analysis of Current Global Online Shoppers in 2012

Behavioral Analysis of Current Global Online Shoppers in 2012

Behavioral Analysis of Current Global Online Shoppers in 2012

When you are shopping from, where do you shop from, home or office, while watching TV or listening to music, from your laptops or mobile phones? There was a recent survey on global online shoppers to understand their behavior. Below are some of the highlights of the report. Read and see if you are alone or there are many with your online shopping habits.

1. Between midday and midnight 74% online shopping takes place. The peak time for the U.S. is 10am while for other countries it is late evening at 8:40 pm.

2. 95% of online shopping takes place in the home, even bathroom. 3% of online shopping is done from bathroom, 43% from bedroom and 54% from the living room.

3. 46% of global online shoppers watch television while shopping, 42% listen to music and 29% chat online.

4. Global online shopping is done for an average of 5 hours each month.

5. With the new trendy apps launched in the market, mobile online shopping is on a rise. 55% use a laptop, 19% a Smartphone and 11% tablet.

6. Bored in office, lets shop online seems to be the current motto. 29% of online shopping is done at work, 6% at college or university and again 6% in a car or a physical store.

7. “What is in vogue in France?” Ever wondered this? I suppose so, as 44% of global online shoppers buy from overseas retailers. Currently, Australia has the highest proportion (76%).

8. Credit card dominates the payment mode globally, with 69% of online shoppers using them to make their payments. Other options like PayPal is used by 40% online shoppers, debit card by 37% and bank transfer by 19% of global online shoppers.

9. Payment security is the reason of 53% of online shoppers trusting online retailers along with better protection of personal details (49%) and accurate delivery dates (43%).

10. Given so many advantages of online shopping, on average, 22% of annual outgoings on goods and services is spent online (U.S. 23%).

According to the experts in the field, this current rise in online shopping is greatly favored by the increasing role of mobile. Through the use of apps, mobile websites and increased consumer mobility on the global front, Mobile channel is changing the face of ecommerce drastically.

Some of the developed and great developing nations including the UK, US, China, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Argentina and India reveal the rise in percentage of annual income spent online. The high-growth developing economies show a rise in cross border buying which provides the merchants with excellent opportunities to cater their overseas customers.

To reap the profits of this ecommerce boon, the retailers need to be flexible to understand the customer needs and future trends, and offer the right market and products to cater and engage them.

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