Beach accessories to style up your chic look for the next time you hit the sand!

beach-accessoriesMr. Sun has no mood to decrease down its temper, at least not for the forthcoming fifteen-twenty days. In fact weather forecasted that northern zone of our country have to tolerate the hot temperature even more. So, what is your plan to beat the heat? We bet, you must be planning or dreaming of a relaxed beach getaway or a weekend community pool party. Well in both cases, what you need to keep in your style would be perfect beach and pool accessories. You are sure to check for sunscreen, bikini, towel, snacks, hats, sunglasses and other essentials for your trip but you forget a couple of things like accessories.

Generally, what mistake girls do is they forget to add accessory or keep it minimal to their bikini look thinking it is not that essential for the event. Well, ladies just because you’ll be shedding your clothes to flaunt that hard-earned body in your teeny bikini doesn’t mean you have to lose the accessories too. Your bikini and your body are both awesome, but we can’t think of a better time to slip on a few pieces than for a day at the beach. Let us ask you simple question, can you go to a dinner or party without a few ornaments? No, we guess. So, when it comes to beach and pool accessory, you can go clean and simple like a leather cord necklace or bold and flashy like a body chain. For ultimate sunny-style looks you have to include statement accessories that are guaranteed to transform you into bonafide beach babe.

If you aren’t going in the water and want to wear a piece of jewelry at the beach or pool, pick a giant pair of hoop earrings. They look absolutely fabulous with a retro swimsuit and a pair of shades. You can opt for heavy necklaces too. There are choker necklaces, shell and pearl jewellery that would be appropriate for the day. You can add bracelets and anklets without going any wrong to your bikini look. Both accessories are very essence of beachy fun and would draw attention to your hand and legs respectively. There are stylish and funky Marcasite rings which you can add to punch up a basic button-down and shorts outfit. Wear bunch of colorful bangles for an edgy look. Bring these beach accessories to style up your bikini look for the next time you hit the sand.

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