Backward Necklace – Emerge as a style diva carrying out this unique style!

Style is about being unique, inspiring and full of surprises. Setting up new trends can do wonders to your personality and put you in the league of those fashionistas. An identity of true fashionista is that she never shies away from trying a new look and never ceases to win the onlookers’ appreciation with her effortless styling. Earlier we talked about creating an impression trying out the trend of mismatched earrings. And here there is another trend on the same lines, which you can try out without spending a penny, lest you have quite good necklace collection.



Yes, there we said it. Necklace. All you have to do is wear your necklace backwards to cast a spell. This way you will successfully give a subtle edge to your persona. This trend has not emerged just yet, as it has been there since quite some time, but it found a solid grounding last year only, and ever since there is no stopping. First it was actress Nicole Kidman, who wore it this way in 2007. Kate Hudson also sported the trend on red carpet ages ago. However, of late, it was Hollywood actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, who stumped us debuting this trend, together at Cannes Film Festival.



There is no particular way of carrying this trend, as you can pick the neck piece as per your choice. From a simple chain to statement necklace, it could be anything. You can also try out the look with multi-layered necklaces, which are going to give a much-desired edge to your look. Bring out your regular necklaces from the jewellery closet and here you are all ready to surprise the world. Even the bride-to-be can stun the guests with her mesmerizing look flaunting it.



However, there are certain things to keep in mind while trying out this look. To start with, it would be best you carry your tresses in chignon, as you wouldn’t want to hide the ‘backward necklace style’ behind your flowing locks. Also in case you are using an oversized hair accessory, keep the necklace simple, or it will cause a busy look. This look goes best with deep back-neck outfit or backless ones. You can choose the attire as per the occasion. Once these things are at place, you are ready to rock this trend.

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