An Alpha Man’s Guide To Ornament His Look

Jewellery – a term that is deeply connected with feminine beauty is no more untouchable for masculine gender. Globalization has been affecting every walk of life changing traditional definitions and believes. Now jewellery has become a common accessory to adore mankind regardless the gender of the wearer, though men and women love to wear different kinds of jewellery.

The new guidelines set by social norms are quite popular among alpha males and generation X. These rules are as follows:

Keep It Simple
When in doubt, follow the golden rule of “Keep It Simple”. If you are a great fan of watches, wear a good looking branded watch to accessorize your hand with or without leather band. Alternatively choose sports watch or luxury watch to display your generosity. In case, you want to avoid watch, choose leather bands, bracelets and chains to ornament your look.

Keep It Minimalistic
The second golden rule is, you can’t beat Bappi Da when it’s a competition to wear gold so it is better to follow minimal jewellery look. Your minimalistic jewellery may include rings, bracelets and watch. In Indian sub-continent, men love to wear studs in ear, that’s cool

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Know what to wear
There are many types of male jewellery. It encircles a vast collection of wrist watches, rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, shirt studs, wedding bands, tie accents, belt buckles and religious/ spiritual jewellery. Some people love to wear necklaces also.

Unfortunately, men’s jewellery can’t be worn on every occasion. As a man, you have to choose jewellery carefully according the occasion and outfits, wear simple and non-accessorized look in the office, wear bracelets in clubs, group activities, and a sober glamorized look at a party to receive praising words from all corners.

Match Metal Tone
Women are luckier as they can do experiments with different metals and jewels in a single jewellery design. Sadly, men have limited choices to make experiment with their look. Match the metal with your outfit, neutral colours like stainless steel, silver and platinum suits to all, while gold looks heavy with your masculine physique.

Avoid Gemstones
Jewels are synonymous to feminine beauty. Using jewels for men’s jewellery is useless because of their soft look, meanwhile wearing a bracelet studded with single colour gemstones (such as turquoise, opal) is a good idea but it will require a good handsome body shape.

Leather is good
Leather is one of the best materials to create men’s jewellery. Wood and bone are new materials to be used in men’s accessories. Leather is used in wrist watches, bracelets, belts and shoes.

In the last
Wear what is comfortable to you. Avoid to keep following your favourite celebrity icon and social trends to make your own style statement. Get updates on new trends, luxury watches and men’s jewellery to ornament your wardrobe for one and all occasions.

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