All You Need To Know About Spread Diamonds

“Big girls need big diamonds”- Elizabeth Taylor.

Diamonds are dazzling and desirable and bigger the diamonds are bigger is the fascination over them. Everyone loves to posses these big and sparkling precious stones. The bigger and more flawless the diamond is, costlier it gets. But what if the bigger diamonds are pocket friendly? It is obvious that no one would prefer to burn their pockets for those bigger sparkling beauties then. A major determining factor in considering the diamond size is its cut which is also known as spread.

What are spread diamonds?

Spread diamonds which are specially cut to emboss the depth to make them look bigger than what actually their size is. Thus the price often doesn’t get skyrocketed even if the diamonds are visibly bigger. Bigger diamonds may not necessarily be beautiful but those bigger sparkling drool-over are definitely more desirable. So spread is all about desirability rather than beauty factor. Many take the spread as weight factor and consider value accordingly which is not correct as girdles and crowns have more impact on weight a diamond’s pavilion. There are two types of cuts in diamond, both measure 5.2mm in diameter, but the 0.65ct lifeless one is 20% deeper than the 0.50ct ideal cut.

Spread is measured on base of these three factors: 1- crown, 2- girdle and 3- pavilion.

How to calculate the depth percentage of any spread diamond?

Spread is definitely related to depth as the cut of diamonds is the important determinant for it. If you divide the depth by the diameter and multiply by 100 you can calculate the depth percentage. This should be between 56% and 65%.
Result: If the table is small then the depth tends to be larger or bigger, and larger the depth, smaller would be the spread.

Why one should go for spread diamonds?

As it is mentioned that spread is all about the cut, the shallower cut is price gets lower with it. Quality of the stone is also dependent on the cut and gets lower with the cut.

Major Issues of Spread Diamonds: Whereas spread diamonds are the best pocket friendly options for those who dream and desire of these dazzling sparkling beauties but on the other flip side has its own pros and cons which are related to its visible and actual radiance and brilliance. The shallower the cut is the less costly the diamond will be and thus the quality will deteriorate. Due to the cut the depth gets reduced and thus the emitted light which is generally reflected from the ideal cut diamond is not adequately spread. Also due to the cut, the edges which used to be refined and polished get rough and thus spread diamond often are not that full of shine and sparkle.

Points to note before buying spread diamond: While buying a spread diamond one needs to keep 2 major points in mind. First of them is the sacrifice factor which actually denotes the amount of sacrifice of shine and sparkle with the replacement of cut or spread. The second factor comes with the certificate as often jewellery and diamond vendors tell the carat in bigger amounts and the diamond actually doesn’t look like of the same carat. So it’s wise to double check the certificate before buying.

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