Add old-world charm to your persona with vintage jewellery!

Despite belonging from the modern era, most couples prefer to have old-school romance, where you love exchanging these regular gifts with your partner, go for evening walks, and do something nice to each other. Not only old-school romance, but even old-school fashion has its own significance. Those un-fussy and un-fancy clothing, never really fail to give you this feeling of nostalgia. The old-school fashion is not just about attires but it is also noteworthy in your accessories and jewelry. If you also crave for the same, then it is time that you add some classic charm to your jewellery collection. This is sure a great way to instill traditional appeal to your wardrobe. A perfect piece of jewellery is what you need to put personality in your outfit, and we’re sure that the vintage jewellery would do that for you.

In the past we saw the ideal and stylish vintage jewelry pieces in hit film The Great Gatsby. Film’s leading lady, Carey Mulligan becharmed everyone with her vintage fascination. She drew all the attention of the audience towards her classic jewellery pieces. Even Emma Stone dazzled the movie-goers with her 40s inspired look in Gangster Squad. Her chandelier earrings, pearl necklace gave her the sexy and sparkling persona which was much required in the film. Even Indian beauty Sonakshi Sinha carried the classic vintage look in her movie Lootera, where she looked totally mesmerizing. The hoop earrings and gold bangles adorned her look. Here are the pieces which will sure lend you the much desired vintage look:

Tanzanite Earrings



Indulge in the brilliance of precious stones which come in vibrant colors to suit your personality. Embellished with white diamonds and studded in platinum, these tanzanite earrings have the delicate appeal in them. However to get that ultimate vintage look, the tanzanite stone would really be the best. Other than that you can also opt for classic diamond earrings. They will go with both western and ethnic clothing.

Diamond Bracelet or Gold Bangles



You can choose between the two as per your outfit. While diamond bracelets would go best with your western dresses and party-wear tops, gold bangles will impart you perfection with traditional appeal.

Pearl Jewellery



Now we don’t need to tell you that pearls have this aura of elegance attached to them, and that’s why they have been preferred by wearers who look for vintage charm.

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