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110505X7_KARDASHIAN_B-GR_13-492x697Summer is stepping closer and the cool dresses are finding their way out from the wardrobe. Attires like Little Black Dress, Jumpsuits, short dresses with long sleeves and floral patterned outfits will be trending in the time of few weeks. With them you can dazzle everywhere, from party to work. And with ideal jewelry you can increase the glam quotient of your attire. Here, let’s discuss the kind of jewelry which will particularly go well with your styling.

Jumpsuits: It is easiest to style a solid colored jumpsuit, as you can add a zing to it with any kind of jewelry you find in your jewelry collection. Still they are best paired with bold jewelry. With the basic colored jumpsuits, like in black, red, brown or beige, you can wear gold jewelry in latest designs. Bright yellow jewelry would add a nice touch to it. Drop earring style and also the hoop one will look fabulous on a jumpsuit. While other times, style it with bold gold cuff and bold turquoise ring. Besides jewelry, a belt is a must for this outfit, and you can select from bold to thin patterns.

Little Black Dress: This classic dress deserves the best. It can be styled in so many ways, and you can look different each time in an LBD, only if you pick the right and variety of jewels. On one occasion you can look elegant and classic by going for the diamond jewelry, like earrings, necklace, ring, etc, while on the other, keep it chic by adding a piece of statement jewelry, which can never be out of style.

Short dresses with long sleeves: This style can make you look extremely modish without trying too hard. Here the hemline goes shorter but the sleeves have full-length. To attain the demure diva look, this dress is the best. This dress demands dainty jewelry and keep it minimal to get away with cleaner look. Make sure whatever jewelry you choose is glittery as the idea is to keep it simple yet tempting.

Floral patterns: As they have busy prints, so ‘less is more’ when it comes to jewelry. Go with just one accessory- a necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet- at a time. Also whatever you choose, it must be simple. Hoop earrings, simple chain necklace and thin-line bracelet or bangle are considered best for this style.

You can also modify these ideas as you see fit your personal style! Find the best jewelry designs at!

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