Accentuate your features with right necklace; Wear according to face-shape!

a3j0zebgSo you are preparing for a fresh look considering the fact that the summer 2014 fashion is all about colors and uniqueness? Unique! Does this word spill some innovative ideas in your head? Or you just feel it is better to follow whatever is in fashion? Let us tell you that being unique is itself fashion today and you really don’t need to follow anything from anywhere.

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Just be confident about whatever you are opting in terms of clothes, bags, footwear and most importantly accessories. It is said many a time by experts and fashion advisers that a right jewelry can make or break your whole look. Sometime only a pair of earring is pretty enough to jazz up your simple look to glam, however sometimes nothing works wonder for you and your attire.

In second case, you might be going with wrong accessory or your body type may not appeal as expected to be with your selective jewelry. Don’t be dishearten, simply consider your height, weight and body type before buying any piece of jewelry. Choosing the most flattering jewelry for the shape of your face is just as important as selecting clothing to suit your body shape. Majorly five type of face cuts are oval, pear, heart, square and round. A right necklace will compliment your face accentuating your features and drawing attention therefore. Read which necklace look best to your face shape:

Oval Face:
Women with oval shape have widest across the temples and forehead. Luckily it is an ideal shape in which you can try almost any shape and style of necklace. Nevertheless, you can enhance your look by wearing a necklace with large, bold-colored gemstones or a playful mix of gemstones. Only thing you avoid is delicate necklaces with small gemstones.

Heart Face: A narrow jaw-line and a small and pointed chin is heart shape

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face. There are pretty options that you can choose from, like, a choker or shorter necklace, especially one with a dangling pendant. This type of pieces will create the fullness you need to balance a narrow chin. For wider look, go with necklace with prominent gemstones. Don’t wear geometric shapes, or pendants that end in a point.

Square Face: The shape is truly similar to a square, with a wide jaw-line and forehead. Choose a necklace with a dominant round and oval pendant or just one central gemstone and a t-style necklace. A larger strand of pearls can also spice up your look. Avoid choker necklaces for sure.

Round Face: Women with round shape have larger cheekbones with rounded jaw lines and a short chin. You can accentuate your feature with large links or small gemstone. Choose and gold-filled link necklaces and stay away from chokers and short necklaces as well as large or rounded gemstones such as pearls.

Pear Face: Women with narrow chin and jaw to wider cheeks and a forehead consider pear shape. Choose shorter necklaces with delicate gemstones, such as cultured pearls, or geometric gold-filled and silver beads. Avoid long, small-link necklaces.

Visit and shop necklaces as per your face cut.

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