About Us

Johareez.com is the revolutionary marketplace offering the most fashionable line of fine jewellery in real time LIVE Auctions & Fixed Price selling environment online.

We will soon be introducing Apparel & Accessories, Arts & Handicrafts, Health & Beauty, Books, Consumer Electronics, Gifts and Watches in real time LIVE Auctions & Fixed Price selling strategies as well.

By offering the true experience of “Live Auctions”, Johareez.com provides you with the true feel and excitement of a real running auction. Our mission is to be India’s leading Online Marketplace catering to the Luxury & Lifestyle essentials you desire by collaborating with leading High Profile Brand Name companies in India.

Our unique business concept enables us to consistently deliver exceptional value and service to our customers and our certified merchants who wish to sell their products on Johareez.com.

Our team consistently strives to improve the customer experience and create a unique channel of distribution for premium brand name manufacturers to extend their brand and increase sales!

Johareez delivers its customer both exceptional cost savings of an auction and customer service of popular brand name retail e-commerce sites, making Johareez.com one of India’s leading online shopping destinations for consumer share as they capitalize on the benefits of this high performance business model.

We provide flexibility by extending our marketplace to medium and large-sized businesses through the Johareez.com Certified Merchants Program. Johareez Certified Merchants can offer their products hand in hand with Johareez.com’s inventory and benefit from our expertise at running online auctions.

Bid. Buy. Win.

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