A glimpse on White Metals – Platinum, Palladium, White Gold & Silver

The trend does not follow the same rules, it changes with the time making new rules to rule the world. Once the earth was filled with people wishing to own gold in its natural purest form, though now scenario has been changed. Now everybody wants to have some piece of precious metal from the group of white metals such as white gold, platinum, titanium and sterling silver. Every metal in this group has distinct features with their own sets of pros & cons meanwhile each of them is capable to be the first choice of buyers.

White is the new craze
In comparison of yellow gold, white looks bright, elegant and cool to highlight any appearance. Certainly yellow gold is brilliant in terms of investment and jewellery designing but it does not match with need of current fashion. The interest in white metal is increasing rapidly. Moreover, today we have more choices in white metal other than silver (or sterling silver). Today we have multiple choices in the form of white gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, rhodium and silver. Sterling silver is the cheapest metal while platinum is the most expensive white metal.

A glimpse on white metals
The white metal group consists five metals namely platinum, palladium, rhodium, white gold and sterling silver. Platinum, palladium and rhodium belongs to noble metal’s group from periodic table whereas gold and silver are well familiar to the everyone on the planet.

Platinum is the best
The noble element platinum is one of the most precious metals on the planet. Its colour is bright sparkling white which is why it is so popular among jewellery lovers. Its natural white occurrence makes it unique to be worn with one and all gemstones. The platinum is much denser metal than gold and palladium thus it weighs more than the two metals. In jewellery, platinum is preferred for not only making jewellery but also for platinum plating on gold and silver metals. Platinum is also safe for people who are allergic to metals.

Palladium is cool
Palladium is a family member of platinum family and is a naturally white metal just like platinum. It’s a maintenance free metal which remains shining for the longer time. Palladium is the second preferred choice for jewellery lovers choosing white metal for their accessorized look. It’s an ideal choice for individuals looking for an affordable yet shiner white metal.

White gold is superb
Historically there is no clue of white gold, though it exists not in nature but is created manually. White gold is an alloy of yellow gold with copper, silver or nickel with an average ratio of 60:40 (gold: nickel). It can White gold is a dull white metal with platinum or palladium polish to mirror the white bright shine. It is much cheaper than above two noble metals.

Silver is for all
Sterling silver (or popularly known as silver) is an all time favourite. Nothing can’t change its craze among the mass due to its incredible features. The grey white metal is extensively used by common men who can’t afford to buy gold or other precious metals. Rhodium plated silver is an excellent offer to mirror platinum shine without compromising your budget thus it is ideal for all who can’t buy other costly white metals.

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