9 Smart Ways To Keep Your Gold Plated Jewellery Shining Forever

1371996404_522016603_5-22-karat-gold-plated-artificial-jewellery-at-most-reasonable-price-ceritified-quality-Islamabad-Capital-TerritoryAs with all jewellery, taking the right precautions helps to keep your jewellery sparkling and shiny forever. Every jewellery needs a different kind of care be it is pure gold or gold plated. While gold jewellery does not require any specific precautions except protections against scratches, gold plated jewellery demands regular attention.

Usually, sterling silver (which is 92.5% is pure) is used to produce gold plated jewellery, sometimes brass jewellery is also coated with golden lustre to make it more shiny. Unlike gold or silver jewellery, gold plated jewellery is a subject to be damaged by one and all factors. If you have a similar piece of jewellery, these tips will help you to make it shining forever.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the durability of the gold plated jewellery. These are as follows:

  1. Thickness of coating: Jewellery is coated with golden layer of having thickness of 1 to 2 microns. If the layer is thin, it will fade away revealing original metal.
  2. Exposure the jewellery receives: One of the most significant factors is exposure the jewellery is given. If you work in extreme conditions such as in a bright daylight, in a chemical lab, gold coating will be lighter. Moreover, gold coating may damage comes in direct touch of gemstones, rough surface or other accessories affects.
  3. Direct exposure to chemicals. Certain chemicals like nail polish remover, perfume, deodorant, gels, cleaning chemicals, or other solvents are harmful to your gold plated jewellery.

6 Smart Ways to take care of gold plated jewellery

  1. Avoid direct exposure to chemicals, high temperature, humidity, or body sweat. Take off your jewellery when you go to chemical contacts.
  2. Avoid scratches, cracking and bumping on a rough or abrasive surface.
  3. Clean the gold plated accessories with soft cotton cloth and warm water without using any cleaner. Use liquid mild soap solution if needed.
  4. Take off your jewellery before you go to swim, exercise or any activity in which you have to sweat.
  5. Store jewellery articles separate in a soft lined box or pouch.
  6. Wear jewellery occasionally, avoid wearing in daily routine. Avoid wearing when you do clean, gardening or perform sports activities.

In the last, if your gold plated jewellery has lost its golden coating, go to your nearest jewellery store and get it polished. Request them to provide thickness of 1 micron at least to enjoy the new brighter metallic shine.

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