8 Most Sacred & Precious Gemstones In The Bible

Throughout the history, gemstones have played an immense role to form human civilization. Often they were honoured by the kings and queens, other times they were blessed by the God and priests. Almost every religious literature mentions few jewels considering them divine and giver of good fortune to the stone wearer. Here is a list of jewels mentioned in the Holy book of Bible with details.

Amber represents the glory of God in judgment. It’s an organic material formed by fossilized natural resigns and appears in a vast range of rainbow colours. In the Bible, it is one of the stones, given to Moses by the Holy Spirit to help the mankind.

Once known as one of the sacred stones, violet blue stone was believed to ward off side effects of drunkenness. Amethyst was the twelfth and the last stone of the foundation of the New Jerusalem described in the Bible.

Beryl was used as the eight stone of the foundation of the New Jerusalem. Mostly it was used to ornament breastplate due to its protective qualities.

Coral is spoken as the precious coral in the Bible which stands for “to be high”. Presently most of the stock of coral comes from Africa, Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean.

“The sin of Juda is written with a pen of iron, with the point of a diamond”. This is the line which shows the place of diamonds in the Bible. As the diamond is the hardest substance on the earth. It was believed that the diamond is used to ink sinner’s act by the god so they can be remembered forever.

The rich green gemstone is believed to be one of the most coveted stones in the history. In ancient Roman Greek civilizations, emerald was viewed as a symbol of fertility but not in the Bible. In the Bible it was considered just a jewel only.

The spectacular blood red gemstone garnet and a popular substitute of ruby stone helped the mankind in its most disastrous time period. In the bible, we read about Noah’s ark embellished with a big garnet lantern to help him steer his arc through the dark night.

The magnificent blue stone, sapphire is the seventh stone in Ezech and the second foundation stone of the sacred Jerusalem city. Though there was no known source of diamonds and sapphire other than India, both stones were obtained from India.

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