8 Most Famous Sapphires In The World

8 Most Famous Sapphires In The WorldThe blue splendid stone is not an attention magnet when it comes to Indian people. Sapphire is a piece of controversial debate due to few myths and astrological predictions. It is said that sapphire does not suit everyone however when it suits someone, it makes him a millionaire in a very short span of time. Despite the fact, everyone loves to own flawless sapphire and wish to have a compatible luck with the stone of destiny. So here is a list of World’s most famous sapphires which are regarded for their versatile beauty.

Royal Sapphire Engagement Ring
The ring is precious due to its connection with Late Princess Diana. It was first worn by her as an engagement ring. Recently, this ring attracted headlines while it was presented to Kate Middleton by Prince Harry at their engagement.

Blue Giant of the Orient
The 466 carat, Blue Giant of the Orient is the largest faceted sapphire in the world. Also known as Kashmir sapphire, this stone resembles with cornflower blue hue of Kashmir sapphires.

Stuart Sapphire
Recognized as a part of the Royal Crown Jewels of Queen Elizabeth II, Stuart sapphire is one of the most historically significant jewels as it was praised and owned by several generations of kings and queens.

Star of India
The Star of India (weight 563.35 carats) is one of the biggest gems in the world also. Later J.P. Morgan who regarded this splendid jewel including in his personal collection, donated it to the American Museum of Natural History.

Hill’s Kashmir Pendant
Once owned by railroad mogul James J. Hill, this 22.66 carat blue stone is matchless in every aspect. It was mined in Kashmir valley, known for its supreme quality sapphires.

Rockefeller Sapphire
The world’s first billionaire John D. Rockefeller is also known for his collections that includes Rockefeller sapphire. This 62.002 carat blue jewel was acquired from the Indian Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan, the Nizam of Hyderabad. It’s a flawless gem with deep cornflower blue.

Logan Blue Sapphire
The cushion-cut blue gem belongs to Mrs. John A. Logan after which it was named. She donated this sapphire to the Smithsonian Institute. The stone weighing 422.99 carats was unearthed in Sri Lanka.

Queen Marie of Romania Sapphire
This blue stone was Cartier’s prize. It received appreciation from all corners for its matchless versatile cornflower blue appearance which makes the stone more precious than a diamond. The 478.68 carat, cushion cut gemstone was owned by Queen Marie of Romania.

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