7 Extraordinary Qualities of Semiprecious Gemstones

Extraordinary Qualities of Semi Precious Gemstones 2222Usually semiprecious stones are considered as the diamonds for the poor. It is believed that anybody who can’t buy expensive jewels should purchase semiprecious gemstones to fulfil their desire of gemstone jewellery. There are multiple reasons people avoid buying these stones, however semiprecious stones have their own qualities. Main extraordinary qualities of these jewels are here.

  1. Sparkling lustre: Precious stones are appreciated for their natural lustrous shine but semiprecious stones like citrine, peridot and Tanzanite are tough competitors of their natural counterpart like yellow diamonds and sapphires.
  2. Multiple choices: These stones appear in different variations and cover a large spectrum of colours. This offers many choices to buy to perfectly glamorize your attire.
  3. Economical: Semi-precious stones are less expensive in comparison of precious stones. This means, you can buy multiple jewellery to enrich your jewellery collection due to less prices without negotiating with your look.
  4. Awesome Textures: Not all stones but semiprecious gemstones such as cat’s eye, spinel, and opal etc. offer different textures to make your moods. You can pick any stone on the basis of their colour, texture, look and lustre.
  5. Perfect alternate for jewels: As jewels are costly, semiprecious stones are used to replace precious jewels. You can substitute white diamonds, sapphires and ruby with zircon, Tanzanite, blue topaz and garnet respectively.
  6. Appear in all sizes: Unlike precious stones, semiprecious gemstones come in all sizes. You can choose your favourite size of the stones. Gemstones from quartz groups like amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, etc. can be found in bigger sizes also.
  7. Less safety & security issues: With precious jewels, you have to pay great attention to keep them safe. You have to buy insurance; you have to maintain proper security to protect them against all threats resulting in the saving of money. Moreover if the stones are lost, you can buy new without worrying too much as you would do with fine quality diamonds or sapphire.



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