6 Ultimate Ways To Know If Gold Is Real

India is the largest hub for gold trading in the world. Interestingly, more than half of the gold mined in the world is owned by the Indians either as an individual’s jewellery or an investment. Besides this, unpredictable fluctuations in the world economy also motivated people to concentrate their attention on the yellow metal. In this scenario, jewellery buyers have to deal with fake gold sellers losing their hard earned money. If you want to avoid this condition, here is a list of tests you should conduct to testify real gold.

Read the jewellery for official markings: As per American standards, fake gold is anything less than 10 Karats which is not marked on the piece also. But for the above, a stamp is embossed on the jewellery pieces. The stamps indicate gold’s purity in either fineness (1-999) or karat (10K, 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K). You can read it using a magnifying glass.

Do bite test: You have heard that biting a gold piece can tell you if it is real. You would wonder that it’s a way to check the gold. If it is pure gold it will show indents from your teeth, deeper marking indicate purer gold meanwhile if the colour of the piece changed in white or something else, it is gold plated metal.

Check density test: Density test is a good method. The density of pure 24K gold is 19.3 g/ml. Check the density of your gold piece using water and compare it with the actual density of the yellow metal. The purest gold will show density near to 19.3 g/ml. If the piece shows density other than this, it is not pure.

Look for discoloration: As you know gold is a soft metal, it can’t resist against constant friction resulting in corrosion. If the corroded metal shows discoloration, it’s definitely a gold plated metal instead pure gold.

Follow ceramic plate test: It is one of the easiest methods to testify real gold. Take an unglazed ceramic plate and drag your piece across the surface. A gold streak indicates genuine gold whereas a black streak clearly shows the gold is fake.

Examine with nitric acid test: Nitric acid test is considered completely scientific and is used in laboratories to know the metals. It’s also easy, put a drop of nitric acid on your gold and see the reaction. A green colour shows that the metal is either a gold plated item or base metal. A milk-white colours identifies gold-plated sterling silver metal. The real gold will show no reaction with nitric acid.

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