6 Tips On How To Secure Your Jewellery In Trade Shows

Jewellery trade shows are a good way to introduce new innovations, latest jewellery designs to the glamour world. These are a big effort to boost new life in the glamorous economy of gemstones and glittering metal, meanwhile these also attract threats of jewellery theft. In this condition, it is a must to secure your expensive collection to insure your financial interests. So here is a list of to do’s you should confirm to avoid any possible threat from dangerous jewellery thieves.

Ensure jewellery is insured. Buying insurance offers you peace of mind along with the safety of your invested money in the collection. Mostly jewelers use to shop insurance for a limited coverage excluding security at jewellery shows to save few extra bucks from insurance premium amounts however you must re-assure that you are not doing the same mistake because of the higher probability of theft at trade shows.

Plan your travel. It includes preparation, deciding travel route, using transportation vehicles for your collection to be displayed in the shows. Choose the safest route. The route should be not only safe but the fastest also to minimize the risks during your journey.

Do not trust everyone. Trusting on anybody and everybody may damage your business. Do not take an individual, group or fellows who are not faithful to you. Also avoid hiring persons having a criminal history to ignore futuristic problems. It minimizes the theft risk caused by staff members.

Prearrange private airport security. It assists you to keep an eye on your merchandise during the security screening process.

Stay in the right hotel. Hotels are appreciated by the thieves. If your hotel is a place visited by VIPs, government officials and reputed businessmen, it provides you guarantee of safety and security of your treasure. Of course it might be expensive but it is safe to stay with your jewellery.

Hire security. Though jewellery trade shows are covered with hi-fi security guards and latest anti-theft devices, the buyers are sellers are not provided security outside the show campus. This is why, you should hire your own security shield. It protects you during travel from your hotel/ motel to the place. They take care of your valuable property to eliminate every possible threat.

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