6 Smart Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Gemstones

Gemstones are precious and deserve to be stored for centuries. If these jewels are kept properly with appropriate precautions and timely checks they can serve your forthcoming generations. However taking care of gems is a quite difficult process until you don’t understand how is it. Once you get the idea it becomes easy to carry on, which is why we compile some of the best and easiest techniques to take care your expensive gemstones without making much effort.

Every gemstone is a mineral rock be it is diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, quartz or anything else excluding pearl and coral. Both of last two are organic material and don’t satisfy the traditional definition of jewels but are counted in jewels due to their extra-ordinary luster and shine. Gemstones are durable rock material and do not require much care. Just follow these simple guidelines to take care of them and they will last for generations looking new forever.

#Rule No. 1
Remember stones are hard and durable rocks so you can put them as long as you want to put them. Though they must not be put together to avoid scratches, marks on gemstones. Every stone should be put on velvet or cotton cloth separately, even two or more diamonds should not be kept with each other to avoid corrosion.

#Rule No. 2
Almost all stones can be classified in different categories depending on their natural properties. As they consists different chemical and physical characteristics they must be cleaned with different materials. For example diamonds, rubies and sapphires can be cleaned with an ammonia-water solution but other gems such as lapis Lazuli, turquoise, onyx and pearls. Ammonia cleaning gives diamond a brighter shining but is quite harmful for other stone exterior luster.

#Rule No. 3
All organic jewels such as pearls, coral and amber should be cleaned with a moist cloth but don’t put them in water for longer periods as they might absorb water. This may discolor them reducing their prices.

#Rules No. 4
Don’t use chemicals like perfumes, hairspray, cosmetics, etc. They ruin the external structure of a gemstone meanwhile if the stone is porous such chemical can enter and can change stone crystal changing its color and hardness properties.

#Rule No. 5
Mild soap water solution is suitable for many stones but porous stones should be avoided to get cleaned with soapy water to save their lustrous shining.

#Rule No. 6
Do not put jewels in bright light as well as bright sunlight. As you know heat alters a stone’s characteristics, your stone may lose its color and shine too.

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