6 Most important factors to check before you buy color gemstones?

Gemstones are pride for every jewellery box. If they are diamonds, sapphires or other precious gemstones displaying flawless innocent color, it will surely add incomparable value to your jewellery collection, that’s why many like to possess precious color gemstones. It makes them feel special, obliged and most notably having something matchless. But do you know how to buy color gemstones? Let’s have a dig on the topic.

Ask for genuine/natural gemstones
Often natural gemstones come flawed. They might have tints, dark spots or unequal hue resulting in unattractive look with lower prices. Certainly fine quality gemstones are also available in market but they are costly, even sometimes too expensive to buy for common people. Thus jewellers use to sell imitated and synthetic gemstones (which are far less costly) instead genuine or natural gemstones flaunting off flawless color. For example colored cubic zircon replicates color diamond’s optical brilliance but is available at many times less prices. Sometimes they tell truth, sometimes not. So whenever you are buying a color gemstone, ask for certificates with genuine gemstones.

Know if it has been given treatment
Once again no natural/ genuine gemstone comes perfect, but they are given several treatments to improve gemstone’s qualities. These treatments include heat treatment, radiation treatment, coating, glass filling, etc. depending on requirements. Some treatments improve stone quality permanently while some don’t, therefore don’t forget to ask about treatments applied on color gemstone.

Test 4Cs test
Usually color gemstones are classified, rated and valued on the basis of 4C’s rule that includes Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. You can get more details from jewellery magazines, websites and jewellers too. But in case you are not aware with 4Cs rule, consider an expert’s guidance. The most perfect gemstones will have AAA rating certificate.

Go off track
Bright green gemstone Tsavorite look competes with precious jewel emerald except it comes with a much lower price tag. Similarly red spinel shows excellent red perfection like a ruby. When you want to spend less to get more, give a try to new stones instead sticking with old gemstone myths.

Check seller’s return & refund policy
Surely nobody likes to return their favorite gemstones once they have it, however you must check store’s return & refund policy for unintentional emergency before finalizing your purchase.

Collect all documents
Once you finalize deal, collect all documents concerned to your jewel purchase. It includes purchase receipt, certification of gemstone, grading report and seller’s warranty card to ensure that you are buying correct piece of colored gemstone.

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