5 Smart Tips To Craft A Gorgeous Jewellery Design

Making an attractive and beautiful jewellery design is a typical work processed in several steps. It’s a good thing for people want to pursue career in jewellery designing while it lets you to flaunt your imagination and creativity.

It takes time, but once you know how to design and what element should be used, it becomes easy to create lovely designs receiving acclamation for your creative work. Surely it can be learnt joining jewellery designing institution or observing the senior designer’s work carefully for years like Indian traditional goldsmiths do. Though it’s a vast subject encircling one and all aspects of jewellery making, designing and imagination, it’s easy to learn so we have compiled a list of 5 rules given here.

Rule No. 1: Figure out your thought.
A design is a mental child of thoughts whether it is jewellery design, costume design or anything else. It can’t be materialized until you get it on paper. So give a figure to your thoughts in order to start your designing work.

Rule No. 2: Beautify the idea.
Once you make sketches of the design, it is easy to decorate it. You can do experiments like changing gemstone’s colour, thickness of stones and jewellery, size or changing the design. Moreover you can do this exercise on the computer saving your time and efforts meanwhile it offers better results.

Rule No. 3: Weave a theme.
Most people like customized designs specially developed using a particular theme. This theme may be based on colour, gemstone, style or a fiction based imagination. But whatever this is must be mind-arresting in order to receive appreciating words from the mass.

Rule No. 4: Find a capable goldsmith.
Designing jewellery is not a child’s play. It requires dedication, experience and knowledge which you can find in an experienced goldsmith. Let them enter in your world of imagination and make them understand what you want. In addition, they can suggest you something better depending on their previous experience of the same.

Rule No. 5: Prepare good presentation.
Remember it’s not the product but the presentation which appeals client. Presentation is what can give or ruin impression of a product. A product launched with good presentation will hit soon rather than a good product with no presentation. So prepare a good presentation weaving your theme idea.

Apart above tips, you should go through the literature on jewellery designing like magazines, websites, blogs and books. Visiting jewellery exhibition is also a good way to learn new updates in the field of jewellery designing. In other words, it is your imagination that works to create a jewellery design so keep it open and receive inspirations coming from all directions to create a state-of-art jewellery.

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