35th World Diamond Congress 2012 Begins at Mumbai

Be it gold, platinum or diamond, every manufacturing industry and its top leading sellers and brands have their own association formed to solve the emerging issues related to their respective industries. Groups or associations like International Platinum Guild, World Gold Council and World Diamond Council have always strived hard to make their respective industries stable and flourishing. To keep that, every association needs to have a definite plan and form beneficiary policies which ultimately affect the further growth or decline of their fraternities.

When it comes to forming associations and making policies, the question of participating leading authorities is obvious to pop up.  These all decisions and policies and thumb rules are not the product of whirl of a magic wand but it needs lots of experience and eagle eyed attitude of picking and observing the best and worst for the industry without pigeonholing and safe siding their interests.

Diamonds are female’s best friend and the whole world’s leading diamond bodies are making it sure to take care of the tailored needs of buyers and keeping the quality intact. This diamond congress meet is held after every two years in collaboration of World Federation of the Diamond Bourses (WFDB), as well as for the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA). 33rd World Diamond Congress was held in Shanghai and 34th was held in Moscow. As mentioned above the main objective or aim of organizing these meets is to make the proper amendments against the loss faced by the industry and addressing the key issues which are essential for fraternity’s growth and framing strategies accordingly. It’s attended by attended by Russian and foreign representatives of the business, scientific and research organizations and non-governmental organizations of the diamond and jewellery business.

After so much of development, innovation, growth and research method conducted in all these years, this is the time for 35th meet. And to many surprises and shocks, India is chosen for the first time for organizing such a prestigious meet. The honor has been bestowed upon this developing country as this country has shown many initiatives and innovative policies and ideas in diamond business and contributes a big part in the overall business of diamond across the globe. And this time the responsibility has been taken by The Bharat Diamond Bourse and Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council. This would be a 3 day affair which would be held at Taj land’s end Mumbai and the inauguration would be done by Maharasthra Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chawan. Minister of Mineral Resources Republic of South Africa, Minister of Mines and Mining Development Zimbabwe & Chairman of Kimberly process would be gracing the event as these are all big guns of diamond industry.

“The congress will be an excellent opportunity for delegations from the 28 bourses affiliated to the WFDB to acquaint themselves better with the developments taking place in the Indian diamond industry”, President of WFDB Avi Paz said. “Back in 2005, the Bharat Diamond Bourse hosted the joint presidents’ meeting of the WFDB and IDMA. At that time, the complex was still under construction,” Paz recalled. “Next year, we’ll be able to visit this new, eight-tower complex that houses more than 2,500 diamond firms and gauge the enormous strength of one of the world’s leading diamond trading centers.”

Why India Is chosen the hotspot this time?

With the selection of a developing country like India for this International Diamond Congress, many questions must have been rattling minds regards the why factor of it. Here are some astonishing facts as why India is honored for this golden diamond dazzling opportunity.

11 out of 12 diamonds are cut, mold and polished in India.

Diamond industry started flourishing after 1960.

Gujrat has been the hub of diamond manufacturing and processing and Surat pioneers and is expert in that.

India has proved itself as diamond capital of the world by expanding its manufacturing and trading facilities and capabilities.

This provides employment to 800, 000 people in diamond industry.


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