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Wear cufflinks at any formal to casual gathering for a classic look!

Gone are those days when men hardly gave attention to their formal looks. A formal pant and shirt with a nice pair of polished shoes were all in their list when they move for a professional call. However, there have been some noticeable changes seen in their way of dressing and styling. Accessories have taken…

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Chic Citrine Jewellery Shines!

Ever watched the sunset over the ocean on a scorching summer evening? Noticed that impressive orange shade that bounces around the clouds and touches your soul to keep you warm? Capture that sensation again with the deep orange colours of Citrine Jewellery. Citrine, the birthstone of November is flexible, durable gem ideal for citrine earrings,…

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Jewellery has the power and can speak louder than words!

Jewellery pieces have bejewelled women’s necklines, ears, forehead, wrists, waists and feet for years. Earlier, women used to buy jewellery for weddings and grand occasions. Today, their closet has jewellery for every little celebration. And still, that is not enough! – says the pretty-pies. Nowadays, the female species are attentive of their style and appearance….

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Timeless Turquoise: Swim into the ‘Jewel of Sea’

Turquoise, beautifully named as Sky-fallen stones are gorgeous. Turquoise is a mineral composed of aluminium and copper. In ancient times, it was used as a pretty stone and a jewel gemstone. Turquoise is the birthstone for December next to Tanzanite. Turquoise is a sky-bluish, bluish- green colour. Pure blue turquoise are rarely found. From turquoise…

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Keep the outfit simple but still be glamorous by adding chic jewellery to it!

It goes without saying that accessories have huge impact on an outfit and can instantly glam you up. It could be any accessory of your choice to make the change, whether chunky, colorful, or statement jewellery pieces. When it comes to fashion, the old adage “Less is more” is usually followed by some, mostly those…

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A Bollywood Star Rises: Profile of Prashantt Guptha

Prashantt Guptha is a unique character on the Bollywood stage. Born of Indian-American parents, he grew up in New York City, but decided to return to his motherland to make his acting dreams a reality as a young adult, against the odds, with zero contacts in Mumbai. Many Indian kids grow up wanting to be…

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