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6 Smart Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Gemstones

Gemstones are precious and deserve to be stored for centuries. If these jewels are kept properly with appropriate precautions and timely checks they can serve your forthcoming generations. However taking care of gems is a quite difficult process until you don’t understand how is it. Once you get the idea it becomes easy to carry…

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6 Smart Tips On How To Identify A Stone Is Natural Or Synthetic

Glittering stones and jewellery are parts of human life. Both are used to adornment and beautification however they have other uses too. While jewellery is an investment, gemstones are utilized in industrial uses as well as spiritual healing techniques. This creates a higher volume of demand even it lacks natural stone’s supply resulting in producing…

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Yellow Gold Vs. Colored Gold — How Colored Gold Is Created?

An image of yellow metal hits to the mind when the subject of discussion is gold. Once it was impossible to believe that gold could be white, red, and pink even black too but thanks to engineering research that made everything possible. Now you can buy several colors in gold including classical yellow tone.

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5 Gemstone Treatments That Are Used To Improve Jewel’s Appearance

Stunning bright flawless gemstones can make you wish to posses them but do you know these twinkling gemstones are artificially enhanced in labs. Despite it’s a fact and more than 95% gemstones are given artificial treatment to improve their look, only few people know secrets of how these gemstones are made more beautiful than they…

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