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World’s 10 Largest Diamond, Gold and Silver Mines

Precious metals and stones like gold, silver, diamond, etc. are gifted to human kind from Mother Nature. But there are only few mines that can produce these metals and stones in profitable quantity. Let’s read which are the biggest suppliers of this hidden treasure?   10 Largest Diamond Mines Diamond, another invaluable gift from India,…

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All About Diamonds And Measurement Units:Carats

If gold is ruling the crown due to the traditions and ritual prevailed in India and then platinum is the ‘King of Metals’ and diamond is also not left behind in the race as it is better known as drooling factor for the fairer sex of the world i.e. female’s best friend.  Diamonds are known…

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White Gold VS Platinum: Which Is Better?

Gold always glitter but so does the platinum as this metal has its own glows and graces. In the recent times when gold prices are soaring high and are still constantly skyrocketing, gold and gold jewellery buyers are switching their modes and preferences while buying gold. Gold and gold jewellery is being substituted or replaced…

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35th World Diamond Congress 2012 Begins at Mumbai

Be it gold, platinum or diamond, every manufacturing industry and its top leading sellers and brands have their own association formed to solve the emerging issues related to their respective industries. Groups or associations like International Platinum Guild, World Gold Council and World Diamond Council have always strived hard to make their respective industries stable…

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Why Platinum & Platinum Jewellery is Costlier Than Gold & Gold Jewellery?

The festive season is on and so are the preparations of celebrations of festivity which includes jewellery shopping. In Indian tradition, buying gold and gold jewellery is considered auspicious on festivals. Times have changed and tables have turned so is the form of gold and gold jewellery. Platinum which is rarely heard and bought but…

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Golden Guide to Invest In Gold & Gold Jewellery

In last few months due to global uncertainties like Euro zone debt crisis and US debt crisis, gold and silver prices have sky rocketed. Sometime back, gold was trading at all-time highs around $1,880 per Oz and silver was trading around $45 per Oz. Gold prices might have skyrocketed but gold indeed is the best…

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