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All You Need To Know About Spread Diamonds

“Big girls need big diamonds”- Elizabeth Taylor. Diamonds are dazzling and desirable and bigger the diamonds are bigger is the fascination over them. Everyone loves to posses these big and sparkling precious stones. The bigger and more flawless the diamond is, costlier it gets. But what if the bigger diamonds are pocket friendly? It is…

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Tips For Brides to Wear Bridal Jewellery

Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity. ~ Khalil Gibran The prophet compared the marriage with a golden ring however the marriage is not a piece of jewellery but a lifelong relationship based on faith, affection, forgiveness, trust and love. However jewellery can’t be…

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5 Extra Ordinary Diamonds Found By Ordinary People

Diamonds are not only female’s best friends but are also dazzling and most desirable jewels across the globe. The beauty of diamonds emits elegance and this is what makes it most popular gem amongst all. We all are aware about the fact that diamonds are precious but ever gave it a thought to the ‘why’…

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Gems and Jewellery Market Forecast For 2013

In ancient time, India was a golden bird until it was conquered by the Muslim invaders in 11th century. However it is again ready to lead the international jewellery and luxury market in forthcoming year of 2013 claiming the old magical tag which it lost to Middle East and European countries for more than 900…

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Healing Powers of Gemstones and Gemstone Jewellery

When the term ‘Jewellery’ comes into scene then gold, platinum, pearls and other gemstones are obvious to pop along. Gemstones are precious and thus gemstone jewellery is more valuable. Precious gemstones which are called Navratna in Hindi have been the trend setter in the world of jewellery with its magic of 9 jewels. Navratna in…

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