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Sapphire Birthstone Jewellery, September’s Birthstone Sapphire For Wisdom, Faith & Understanding

Sapphire is birthstone of those who are born in September. The duration of 24th August to 22nd September hail from Virgo in sun signs and have Sapphire as their birthstone. Whereas Virgo is ruled by Mercury, Sapphire is ruled by Saturn.  Available in vivid colors this versatile stone is traditional yet modern birthstone of September….

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Amethyst Gemstone: A Gemstone with Spiritual Healing Powers

Jewellery, birthstones and gemstones are interconnected. Whereas jewellery is all about adornment and beautification, birthstones made jewellery also has additional aspect of mending mess ups of the sufferer besides the beautification. Gemstones are common, be it any kind of jewellery of birthstone, gemstones are the essential factor for both. The classification of gemstones according to…

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