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Top 15 Countries in Foreign Exchange & Gold Reserves

The economy of any country runs on the fact that how successfully one manages the balance between the growth rate of country and foreign exchange & gold reserves. Foreign exchange has been and always will be the most vital factor in attributing the inflation rates of any country. To maintain the equilibrium in foreign exchange,…

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Top 10 Facts About Turquoise Gemstone & Turquoise Jewellery

Among all the precious gemstones, Turquoise has its own established bottle green glory. This opaque blue to green has its own royal and also protective history. Found in 16th century by Turkish people and was brought to Europe from Turkey. Every gem has its story and so has turquoise. Let’s get into some interesting and…

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Top Surprising Golden Facts About Pure 24K Gold

It is said that all glitters are not gold but all gold definitely glitters and galvanizes one’s beauty and pride. This shiny, pricey, soft and yellow metal is one of the most powerful and perfect metal to flaunt off one’s status and possessions and also has been a symbol and identification of jewelry. Gold is…

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Top 10 Most Famous Natural Gemstones in The World

Jewellery has always held a figment of fascination especially in female’s heart. The third world’s heart strings are attached with the lure of jewels and thus the business of gemstones in riding high with passing time. The origin, composition and natural forming process of jewellery dates back to the time of civilization and birth of…

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