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Rakshabandhan: Bond Of Protection Witnessed By A Silver Rakhi

“Suraj shakhan chhodian, Mooli chhodia beej Behen ne rakhi bandhi / Bhai tu chir jug jee”, “Yena baddho Balee raajaa daanavendro mahaabalah tena twaam anubadhnaami rakshe maa chala maa chala” In India, festivals are the celebration of togetherness, of being one of the families. Raksha Bandhan is one such festival that is all about affection,…

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July Birthstone Ruby Jewellery – Fiery Red Gemstone for Love and Passion

Red color is associated with passion and love, due to its fiery nature it is most loved by youngsters. They confess their love and feelings to their beloved by giving a red rose. Same goes with gemstone Ruby, its deep red color escalates a new energy in everyone. The red color is caused mainly by…

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Indian Jewelry Shoppers: From Retail Stores To Online Websites

Jewellery in India and among Indian women has been a point of pride as well as necessity. To keep up with the evolving generations, even Jewellery market has evolved. Long back there used to be small shops selling jewellery. Then there came the Mughals and other empires that developed the art of Jewellery making in…

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