13 Shades Of Yellow Gemstones To Ornament Your Look

Yellow is bright, energetic and refreshing. A yellow gemstone imparts a vibrant look to your persona when you put on them in precious metals like gold, silver or platinum. But do you know how many types of yellow gemstones are worn in jewelleries? Here is a list of yellow stones and jewels that you use to make your choices.

Yellow Diamonds
Unlike black or red diamonds, yellow diamonds are common stones. Finding flawless yellow stones is a tough task that explains the reason of higher prices for these stones. Sometimes white diamonds are produced by using stone treatment methods. Yellow diamonds are appreciated as the April birthstone.

Yellow Sapphires
Known as the September birthstone, sapphires are known for their vivid blue colour still it appears in spectrum colours including violet, black, green except red. Yellow sapphire looks similar to yellow diamonds to create an amazing look.

Naturally coloured in hot yellow, citrine is no less than a diamond even sometimes it looks better than a diamond. Citrine is used in various applications like decorative artefacts and jewellery. A citrine is a perfect choice to replace a yellow diamond or yellow sapphire without negotiating with your look. Citrine is considered lucky for those born in November.

Golden Beryl
Alike quartz, beryl comes in different varieties. Golden beryl is a kind of beryl with golden lustre. Citrine is considered as the birthstone for the month of November. Beryl is associated with the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

As the name is self describing, Sunstone is yellow stone with excellent fire and lustre. Often Sunstone is sold as imitation stone of yellow diamonds due to its optical similarity with diamonds. Sunstone is natural birthstone of midsummer (July 22 – August 21) also.

Yellow Topaz
In the medieval Europe, every yellow stone was considered as topaz, but now it has been limited to silicate minerals only. These minerals may be blue, green, red and yellow, yellow topaz is regarded as imperial topaz, one of most expensive stones on the earth. Yellow Topaz is the birthstone of the month of November.

Yellow Tourmaline
Tourmaline appears in almost all colours from black to green and red. Yellow is also a common variety of tourmaline with a glassy lustre. It is mined in Brazil and Africa.

Yellow Zircon
Zircons are excellent substitutes for diamonds and come in rainbow colours. Mostly it is used as substitute of diamonds. Yellow stone is the traditional birthstone for the month of February.

Yellow Garnet
Though garnets are recognised for their red colour – yellow garnet is available in nature. Also known as January birthstone, (yellow) garnet comes with a red hue making them magnificent. Garnet represents the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Fire Opal
Yellow opals or fire opals is a common gemstone mined in Mexico and Australia. Yellow opal may have a light tint of red and pink.

Despite ambers are not real stones, they are valued as precious gemstones. Amber is in fact fossilized resin from trees preserved under high pressure. Ambers occur in red, green, yellow and blue colours.

Yellow Chalcedony
Agate and Onyx, two qualities of chalcedony are available in white, black, red and yellow stones. Meanwhile both represent two different months as birthstones – May and July respectively.

Definitely gold is not a stone but actually is used as gold beads to get perfect golden shine in jewellery without using a stone. As gold is a metal, it is easy to craft any shape, size and design to substitute natural jewels.

These are a few names from the list of yellow gemstones adding yellow spinels, sphene, cymophane, sphalerite, Yellow Danburite, Yellow Jade, pyrite, rhodizite and londonite. The list offers more than a dozen alternate to ornament your jewellery according to your preference and budget.

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