13 Interesting Facts about Silver, A White Lusterous Metal

When it comes to jewellery, the world is not enough until it includes silver. Despite silver is not a cup of tea of billionaires, white metal is high in demands due to its remarkable qualities). But jewellery is not the only fate of precious metal as we have dozens of interesting stories woven around it. Let’s throw light on some of the interesting facts about miraculous element.


  1. The white metal is assumed to be discovered as early as 3000 B.C. It has been appraised in almost all ancient religions and cultures.
  2. Unlike gold and diamonds, silver is mined across the globe in less or more. Even ocean water contains a huge amount of the expensive metal.
  3. With gold, silver was traded in ancient days and was a symbol of nobility and higher social status being second to none other than gold.
  4. Silver is highly malleable. It can be transformed into a transparent film known as silver flakes (or varak in Hindi).
  5. Silver is non-toxic yet its compounds are not. Silver can be eaten still it is used to decorate food in India as well as ornamenting Hindu god idols.
  6. In ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe, silver was costlier than gold. It had been coined to use as money due to its monetary value.
  7. Silver is battery power of today’s highly engineered life. It has been used in batteries, electronics & electrical industry, photography, glass industry due to its miraculous properties. Silver ranks in top 10 metals consumed on the globe along with iron, copper and aluminium.
  8. Though silver is a lustrous white metal, silver jewellery is surfaced with rhodium plating to make it more shine, bright and eye-catching in routine life.
  9. It is anti-bacterial, it kills microbes, bacteria and other tiny harmful livings. This property is exploited by medical professionals to clean water and curing severe wounds.
  10. A compound silver iodide is used to make artificial rains by seeding onto clouds.
  11. Silver is an excellent electrical conductor since it is used on circuit boards to create the next generations automated machines including Smartphones, computers, televisions and more.
  12. Silver thread is used to do embroidery work on clothes in India. These silver embroided outfits are quite popular among local residents and offers a mind-blowing creation of the human mind.
  13. Silver is also appreciated in mythical stories. Silver bullet is a dead sure way to kill werewolves, vampires and other mythical characters narrated in European fairy tales.

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