11 Variations Of Black Gemstones & Jewels: A Brief

Black is preferred by the most of the jewellery designers. It adds an additional glamour to the design, especially when matched with light backgrounds or soft dark colours like bottle green, maroon, etc. Perhaps this is the reason, people want to buy black stones to adorn their jewellery, charm pendant or magical amulets. Here is a list of eleven black stones that you would love to treasure forever.

  1. Black Beryl: Impurities colours a beryl black, however finding black beryl is a rare phenomena. These wonderful pieces appear in Mozambique and Madagascar only.
  2. Black Diamonds: Of course, black diamond tops the list when it is compared with other stones. Yes, diamonds also occur in black. Counted in rarest gemstones, black diamonds are popularly mined in Central African Republic and Brazil.
  3. Black Garnet: Garnet are recognised their red colour mirroring rubies, garnets also come in black colour. Black garnet (also known as melanite) occurs in pyrope and andradite rocks.
  4. Black Onyx: A variation of chalcedony, onyx occurs black naturally with layers of white colour. This colour pattern follows similarity producing an extraordinary shine in the stone giving it a twinkling shine.
  5. Black Opals: Black opals are rare in rarest. Opals occurs in all colours but their body tone and hue shows them completely black which they are not. Mainly their supply comes from Australia.
  6. Black Pearls: Pearls are not exclusively white or off-white. Thanks to Mother nature, oyster Pinctada margaritifera produces a black pearl. Black pearls are also known as Tahitian pearls. The expensive black jewel is one of the most expensive stones on the earth.
  7. Black Sapphires: Unlike the traditional myth, sapphire occurs in spectrum colours from pink to green, blue to black. The magnificent jewel is not strictly black in colour but it features a dark hue in blue, purple colours that looks like black.
  8. Black Spinels: These gorgeous gems are mined mostly in Thailand. Black
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    spinels are known for their metallic lustre and are good substitutes to replace black diamonds or sapphires.

  9. Black Star Diopside: These gemstones are recognised for their optical effect of four ray star shine. Mostly black star Diopside is mined in India and is used extensively by the jewellery designers.
  10. Black Zircons: If you want to substitute a black diamond nothing is better than a black zircon gem which features all optical properties of diamonds with pocket-friendly prices.
  11. Jet: You are familiar with the term ‘Jet Black’ which has roots in the black gemstones known as ‘Jet’ It means is as black as can be. Interestingly, Jet is not a mineral but a piece of wood transformed into stone under high pressure over millions of years.

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