11 Shades Of Green Gemstones & Jewels

Green stands for the environment. It represents the greenery on the planet as well as prosperity in the life. Green gems are embellished to adorn an instant glamour to the metal jewellery. Do you know, there is more than one dozen green stone and gems, you can buy to enrich your wardrobe with the natural calmness? Let’s start the list with the most exotic and expensive jewel i.e. green diamond.

  1. Green Diamond: Naturally diamond occurs as a transparent, colourless gem. Various impurities cause different colours in a diamond. The green diamond is rarer than yellow and white diamond still they are available in market widely.
  2. Emerald: When it comes to green stone, emerald is unbeatable in every aspect. The word “emerald” has roots in Greek word ‘smaragdos’ which literally means ‘green gem’ however it comes in red, yellow and black too. Emerald is a smooth and transparent jewel, and is a member of the club of premier gemstones along with diamond, sapphire and ruby.
  3. Green Pearl: Of course, pearls are green too. They are expensive due to their rarity and are praised for environment-friendly lush green look. Despite the fact, green pearls don’t feature metallic lustre, they are praised for their elegant presence
  4. Tsavorite: Often compared to emerald due to its brilliant green texture, Tsavorite is a fine quality gem and encircles shades from pale green to deep forest green. Unlike emerald, Tsavorite highlights bright lustre making it superior than emerald in look and brilliance.
  5. Peridot: With a glassy lustre, peridot is an olive green stone with a slight yellow hue. It is not as soft as emerald, though it is preferred for its ultimate green twinkling.
  6. Chrome Diopside: Chrome diopside is one of the brightest members in family of green gemstones. It features dark green look with a glassy to dull luster depending on the impurities. The stone is mined mainly in North America, Brazil, South Africa and Russia.
  7. Green Opal: The wonderful jewel is known for its the ‘play of fire’ effect. Available in rainbow colours, green opal is a favourite for jewellery designers. Its major supply is mined in Australia only to mesmerize the rest of the world.
  8. Green Garnets: Famous for red, garnets are green too. Green garnets are most expensive stones due to their rare occurrences. Green garnets have two species namely Topazolite and Demantoid. Furthermore there are colour changing garnets also which can display two or more colours when put in different light sources.
  9. Green Tourmaline: One species of tourmaline features exclusive green look, known as Elbaite. Discovered in Brazil, green tourmaline is recognised for its rich green appearance produced by the presence of chromium.
  10. Green Amethyst: Popularly recognized as purple stone, amethyst is available in green also. Transparent green amethyst is a common gemstone found in nature. The stone does not feature completely green but comes in green tint blended with purple or blue.
  11. Green Sapphire: Green sapphire is no less than diamond in terms of look. Alike other green stones, green sapphires are tremendous to substitute green diamonds or emeralds flawlessly.

Besides these, there are more varieties of green gemstones, they are not exactly blue but a blend of green with other colours. Turquoise is a good example of such stones whereas aquamarine, aventurine, aqua blue chalcedony, alexandrite, amazonite and green topaz are few more names in the list.

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