11 Interesting Unknown Facts about Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is the first step to start a happy married life. It announces that you are planning for wedding seriously and are keen to exchange marital vows with someone you love. However selecting an engagement ring is not so easy task as deciding for the marriage. Engagement ring carries a beautiful history and interesting facts with its heritage. Here we compiled few interesting yet unknown facts.

  1. First of all, most engagement rings are solitaire rings. It features diamonds studded in a metal ring (measurably platinum, gold or silver). Sometimes customized designer engagement rings may have two or more stones to suit the personality of the wearer of the ring.
  2. The most popular stone shape is the round brilliant cut in engagement rings. The round brilliant cut is perfect to score highest on overall bling & wow factor.
  3. Ideally engagement rings are considered as a diamond studded ring still we have examples of fascinating engagement rings studded other jewels like pearl, sapphire,  ruby and sometimes Tanzanite too but not others gemstones.
  4. The tradition of the engagement ring was introduced in the 15th century in Europe as the Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented a gold ring studded diamond to Mary of Burgundy to express his love to her.
  5. An engagement ring is worn on the left hand across the globe but in some countries including India, Russia and Germany it is worn on the right hand.
  6. In the Europe, engagement rings are crafted using white gold or platinum (sometimes palladium also) while Indians prefer gold metal for an engagement ring.
  7. The engagement ring features diamond. Interestingly diamond was discovered in 800 B.C. but the world’s most gorgeous stone was not used in engagement rings until the 1477. Archbishop Maximillian of Austria was the first who introduced diamond studded engagement ring to the world.
  8. The world’s most expensive diamond engagement ring De Beers Platinum costs approx £1.2 million. Besides the famous ring we read every day about other expensive engagement rings designed for big celebrities, socialites and billionaires.
  9. Ancient cultures were used to believe that the third finger on the left hand has a vein called Vena Amoris or the vein of love. According to the myth, this vein is directly connected to the heart thus we got a tradition of wearing an engagement ring in third finger instead other fingers.
  10. If you want to testify authenticity of diamond set on the ring, put it in an ultraviolet light for a few seconds and it will glow in the dark for a couple of seconds. This is the easiest way to identify a real diamond.
  11. In the last, every diamond engagement ring comes with documents that identify its authenticity and genuineness.

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