10 Smart & Useful Tips for Buying Antique Jewellery

Recently my friend received an antique jewellery piece in a gift from her grandmother. This piece was a heritage for her family and was transferred from one generation to second generation. Thus it was awesomely beautiful and a subject of honour among her friends.

Everybody is not lucky enough to get antique jewellery in gifts or heritage but they want to own it, they want to treasure it in their jewellery box. This happens because of multiple reasons including antique jewellery carries a history as well as the higher price in comparison of brand new jewellery due to their association with history. The rising attraction towards heritage jewellery attracts unethical fake antique jewellery sellers too that’s why there are many sellers who want to sell you fake antique jewellery instead the real one.

However there are a few rules you should follow before buying an antique jewellery to avoid any fraud.

Know Basics Characteristics of Antique Jewellery

  • First of all, an articraft, jewellery or item is not considered antique unless it is 100 years old or more.
  • Secondly, if antique jewellery consists ‘White Gold’, it is not antique because white gold did not appear before 1920 so all antique jewelleries come only in silver, yellow gold or other popular metals of that time.
  • Thirdly brilliant cut was not introduced before 20th century so you will never find any antique jewellery with brilliant and fancy cut gemstones like brilliant round or heart shape cut. If it exists, either the jewellery is fake or the jewels are new.

How to Buy Antique Jewelry

1. Search online
Googling is the easiest effort you do for finding something be it is a gemstone, jewellery, or antique piece of art. There you find a huge list of service providers where you can buy antique art.

2. Investigate the seller
Often you see that an antique trader is selling 2 or more pieces of the same antique jewellery which can’t happen because antique items were built as a customized piece rather than building in a mechanised system to satisfy bulk demand. Thus it is hard to find more pieces of a same design. Genuine antique sellers will offer only one-of-a-kind piece showing ethical business practices.

3. Verify the seller’s credibility
Yet there is no 100 percent correct method to verify the online seller’s credibility, you should go through various forums, education portals and blogs to testify. This helps you to learn the business history and reliability of the seller from whom you want to buy an antique jewellery.

4. Ask Questions
How did you get it? What is the history of this piece? What is the credibility of this antique piece? How you can say it will be a treasure for me? These are a few questions you should ask while you are going to buy a lovely antique jewellery.

An honest seller will provide you basic details about the pieces even some of them can provide you an interesting story attached with the artistic jewellery.

5. Look for Patina
The term “Patina” is used for the shine occurs in antique jewellery. It appears due to signs of wear. Though original shine of the jewellery can be restored using modern techniques, antique sellers prefer to keep it as-it-is. Usually antique jewellery comes with tarnish, dents and a dull shine with few scratch marks too. If the jewellery looks brand new, you must be suspicious.

6. Confirm the Price
Usually antique jewellery comes with a higher price as it carries a heritage from the history. This value goes higher than the accumulative cost of the metal, gemstones and other material used in the jewellery article. So they would not be available on too good prices at antique stores or online websites, if they are it must be a fake piece.

7. Ask for documentation
Documentations are what you should require to confirm the authenticity of any particular event, it is an antique piece. This ensures you that the piece is genuine and reliable to invest your money for the purpose. Therefore if you don’t get enough documents with the buying, avoid buying that jewellery.

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