10 Smart Jewellery Safety Tips To Enjoy A Cheerful Summer

How to Care for Your Jewellery This Monsoon & SummerSummer – the season to enjoy long weekends, holidays and tour to hill stations, is no barrier to feature your new summer look. But before you jump in the pool or get some sunshine, consider your gorgeous jewellery. As the summer is the season to play with hot weather, you should be aware about possible threats to your beloved gemstones and jewelleries.

Avoiding your jewellery roughly or carelessly will take away shining luster of the sparkling metal while gemstones will lose their charm to hot winds and chemicals used in sunscreen lotions. So here is a list of 10 smart tips to keep your jewellery shining every summer.

  1. Pay regular attention to your gemstone and jewelleries. Keep individual stones separately in a container to keep it safe.
  2. Take your jewellery off before swimming and outdoor activities. Salt water and chlorine can damage your sterling silver jewellery and soft gemstones like pearl, amber, quartz, etc.
  3. Put your jewellery off before applying sunscreen lotions. The lotion may get stuck into the slits of jewellery making its appearance dull and dingy.
  4. Ignore going to direct sunlight. It can bleach your gemstones especially stones from the quartz family like amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, etc. and other soft stones.
  5. Don’t wear rings, toe rings in cold water. Colder temperatures may shrink your finger sizes temporarily. If this happens, rings may slip off the finger without coming in your knowledge causing you financial damage.
  6. Do not wear jewellery in hot water. Water cleaning agents may do reaction to jewellery metals like sterling silver and brass making them dull.
  7. Wear your jewellery off while playing on the beach. It attracts dirt and small rocks resulting in abrasion to jewellery. If it is not cleaned, it can damage your jewellery permanently.
  8. Clean your jewellery regularly. In summer, our body excretes sweat and oils which can dull the bright shining of the jewellery. You may do it using warm soapy water and a toothbrush.
  9. Store your jewellery in a cool dry place. Wrap every jewellery in a separate jewellery box made of soft cloth.
  10. Get your jewellery insured. Though it does not offer safety against damages but provides peace of mind protecting your jewellery.

Despite all efforts, if your jewellery looks affected by environmental and chemical factors, take it to a jewellery shop to take necessary steps and enjoy cheerful summer.

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