10 Largest Diamond Mines In The World

10 richest diamond mines in the worldTwinkle Twinkle Little Stars… I wonder what you are… We are familiar with the beauty of this poem. Though the poem is dedicated to the sky and its infinite sparkling stars, the words are extremely perfect for star’s mine on the earth also. What if you visit a diamond mine, definitely you would love to pick them singing these beautiful lines. But many people don’t know where diamonds are mined; here is a list of world’s 10 largest diamond mines.

Jwaneng, Botswana
Discovered in, Jwaneng diamond

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mine is the, largest diamond mine in the world. Since the discovery of the site, site has produced couples of millions diamonds. Currently, the mine produced over 11 million carats (2,200 kg) of diamonds.

Argyle, Australia
The second largest diamond mine Argyle is located in northwest Australia. The mine is owned and managed by Rio Tinto, a well familiar name in the gemstone industry. The mine began production in 1985 and has produced over 750 million carats of diamond. Argyle mind is recognized for its AAA quality pink diamonds. In the year 2012, the site produced approx 10 million carats diamonds.

Orapa, Botswana
Another jewel mine from Botswana, Orapa diamond mine was opened in 1971. It is owned and managed by Debswana. In 2012, the Orapa mine produced over 9.5 million carats of diamonds.

Catoca, Angola
Located in Angola, Catoca diamond mine is owned by a consortium. The consortium includes Russia’s Alrosa, Brazil’s Odebrecht, Israel’s Daumonty and Angola’s state company. This mine is to be believed that it has the world’s fourth largest kimberlite pipe which makes it fourth largest diamond mine on the face of earth. Last year, the company received total 7.5 million carats diamonds.

Diavik, Canada
Regarded for high grade diamonds, Diavik mine is fifth largest diamond mine in the world. Owned by Rio Tinto, the site is located in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Venetia, South Africa
The open-pit diamond mine located in Venetia started production in 1992. The mine is completely owned and operated by De Beers. It has been produced approx 4.3 million carat diamond in the last year.

Ekati, Canada
The open-pit mine began production in 1998 and has been processed over 5 million tones rocks every year. In 2012, Ekati diamond mine produced three million carats of high quality gems.

Finsch, South Africa
Situated in the heart of South Africa, the Finsch open-pit diamond mine is owned by Petra Diamonds. Discovered and started by De Beers, the mind began operations in 1978 and produced approx. 1.3 million carats in last year.

Letlhakane, Botswana
The Letlhakane diamond mine is a joint venture of De Beers and the government of Botswana. The mine produces approx. 1.2 million carats of diamond every year. It’s located near Orapa diamond mine.

Kimberley, South Africa
Once appreciated for its gem quality diamonds, Kimberley diamond mine went into production in 1871. It was closed in 1914 to start underground mine which also closed in 1995. However the mind has been closed, dumps on its surface is producing diamonds. It is believed that last year De Beers and Petro produced more than 1 million carats of diamond from the mine and dumps.

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